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Full Pond Cleanout

A full pond cleanout is best done before the fish have been put back in for the summer. If fish are already in the pond then this will require moving of the fish to a safe container with your pond water in it.We will drain the pond,saving as much of the original water as is feasible. Then we will remove the sludge and debris and hose down the pond walls and pressure wash if you desire. Pressure washing can slow down the ponds biological activity for a while so we do not always recommend it. The filters will be inspected, cleaned, and replaced if needed. This is a good time to replace burned out lights and add any underwater improvements you may have been considering. When the pond is clean we will refill it with clean water, add beneficial bacteria (if desired)and then slowly acclimate your fish to the new water. A pond may take several hours to refill so we can leave the hose on at a low rate of flow for you to turn off later, or we can monitor the refilling at our hourly rate. Please note that it is not healthy to clean a pond so completely that it is spotless. Leaving some of the biofilm is beneficial to the health of the pond.

- The cost of filter pads,beneficial bacteria,light bulbs,improvements or addtional time spent
  repairing any winter damage will incure additional fees.

We have limited slots for available for the spring 2016 cleanouts so don't delay. Service calls will be performed in the order taken. 

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