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Serving Rochester and Southeast MN
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Pond service

We can also service your pond needs. It doesn't matter if you have a small barrel or a full sized garden or koi pond, we can help you keep it looking it's best. Pond service choices could be a one time clean-up,weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, spring cleanout (for heavy debris removal),and of course a fall shut down. All scheduled pond visits may include:
- Water testing to determine the health of your pond
- Cleaning the filters
- Debris removal ( excessive debris may incure higher costs)
- Visual inspection of the fish
- Visual inspection of the pond to watch for any small problems before they
  become a bigger problem.

Additional services( Fees Vary):
- Water change if it is determined to be needed.
- Vacuuming of pond floor
- Delivering and installing new filter pads
- Algae treatments
- Deep cleaning of the pond
- Installing new pumps,filters, lights etc.
- Install netting over pond to prevent build-up of leaves and other falling debris.
- Addition of beneficial bacteria

Our services can be tailored to fit your needs. Not everyone needs or wants full service. We will provide whatever service level you desire.

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