Shanes Pond and Aquarium Services LLC
Serving Rochester and Southeast MN
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Aquarium service

We can set up a new aquarium or maintain an existing one. The first time we service your aquarium we expect to spend about 2-3 hours. Regular monthly or bi-weekly cleanings after that usually take around 1-2 hours per visit.
All service calls may include:
- Testing the water to make sure it is within safe parameters for your fish
- A 10%-25% water change. Quantity depends on stocking load and  how recently the tank was last serviced
- Deep vacuuming of the gravel substrate
- Wipe down of all exterior glass,stand and hood.
- Scrape all algae from interior glass
- Clean decorations.
- Visually inspect all fish to verify health

Additional services available ( fees vary):
- Delivery of new fish or decorations (no charge if delivered with a scheduled visit)
- Set-up of new tank
- Tear down of old tank
- Moving a tank
- Install new equipment

HomeServicesAboutContactImage GallerypoliciesRegistrationStore