Shanes Pond and Aquarium Services LLC
Serving Rochester and Southeast MN
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Other services

We also offer some other services such as:

-Large Pond fountains and aerators 
    We can install fountains and aerators in your retention pond or private lake. 
-Vacation service
    Let us monitor your aquarium/pond while you are on vacation so you can enjoy your trip without worrying. We can check on your pond/aquarium every couple of days to make sure everything is in order and to feed the fish.
-Custom aquarium cabinets and canopies.
    We work closely with a local cabinet maker that can make anything you may desire for a truly custom set-up.
- Leak detection
   We will track down the leak and repair it. We have the equipment to perform a pressure test on your plumbing to aid in discovering the problem areas. Finding a leak can be a time-consuming process requiring multiple trips to your home.  There are some things that you can watch to help speed up the process.
- Does the water only drop down to a cartain level and then stop leaking?
- Does the pond still leak if the pumps are turned off? Remember to add an air pump if there are fish present.
- Do you notice any spots in your yard that are more wet or softer that normal?

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