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How does our delivery work? 
A: after purchase we will contact you to set up a delivery time and place


Consumable items like GFO, carbon, water supplements,food, etc..
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Cobalt Frozen Mysis
Cobalt frozen mysis shrimp. Two blister packs of cubes per box. Total weight =7 oz.
7 oz of cubes
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Hanna phosphate reagent HI713-25 (HI713-25)
contains 25 tests for Hanna's low range checker series. 
Hanna low range phosphate reagent
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Hikari Frozen Mysis
Hikari frozen Mysis shrimp cubes. 3.5 oz per pack
3.5 oz cubes
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Simplicity 1Lb GFO
1LB of standard grade GFO made by Simplicity and labeled just for us! We've been using this in our service tanks and our own tanks for over a year now.
Standard grade GFO
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